April 17, 2008

Along came a class assignment on blogs. Damn these new fangled business courses.

I found that I was too much of a novice for Blogdrive.. I tried all the different and new blog hosting websites and finally settled on Wordpress. Since my more visible blog is already on Wordpress, I decided to shift to a new home from here.

This blog is so not dying out. It will remain the same. I love it and have tried to nurture it in whatever way I could, and it is a part of me. But the legacy will be continued.

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April 3, 2008
Realizations - I

           I just realized that Love is a four-letter word. Like all other four-letter words.

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March 30, 2008
Ironies -1

It's funny how strength itself kills you little by little.

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March 27, 2008
I knew it!

I knew it! I figured my boss was gay before facebook confirmed it... there's no way someone could be so handsome and so 'off-women'.

Man... *speechless*... I mean... never thought that I would have to resist looking at such a handsome chap just because he is ... well, gay.

Wow.. this is a new feeling..talk about experiences..

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March 27, 2008
Weakness? Heck no, addiction!

- F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
- Grandma's oatmeal raisin cookies
- Gabi's hazelnut cake
- Hershey's milk chocolate (any one, anything, anytime, any amount)
- Google talk
- The loony bins
- Romantic movies
- Atif Aslam (god, he gives me goosepimples)

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March 21, 2008
Chicago travelogues - 1

        For a long time I've wanted to pen down the memories of the trips I've taken to places I had only read about. It's really neat to go back and read posts from 3 years ago and smirk, blush or remember the great moments! I finally have enough 'office-time' on my hands to do a travelogue now! :D

       There I was, trying to board my first local flight from Baltimore to Chicago. A little bit of common sense (very rare for me) had made me take the nonstop Southwest airlines. I was a little skeptical about the low-cost nature of it all, having had so-called-wonderful experiences with Air Deccan and JetLite back home, but in this country, flying cheap takes on a whole new perspective altogether.

     Classless seating! Sit anywhere you want! What could be better than that! As Southwest says "The best way to ensure you like where you sit is to sit where you like." All the marketing case studies I had read about airlines were clearly seen here.

    Believe it or not, the host had transformed the entire security guidelines into a poem!  This guy actually narrated the entire composition while the air-hostess went on with the rigamarole of tying the stuff and inflating it! He concluded with a :

              "And as I leave you aboard this magnificent steed,
               Don't forget to call on us if you're ever in need!"

No wonder their customer service wins hands down!

    Two hours later, there was my old friend at the Chicago airport, frustrated out of his wits because they wouldn't let us deplane! And finally when we did, and I saw him relentlessly pacing around at the exit and calling me even when I was in front of him, I couldn't help but grin as memories of times gone by came flooding back!

More on how I harassed him for 3 days in the next post.

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March 12, 2008
The One..

I remember all those times when...

 - You shooed us out of the house when we ran and hid all over.

 - You made delicious, soft and sugary gavvalu, which had the indentations of your delicate fingers. Trying each one of them was like touching one of your fingers.

 - You made the yummiest breakfast out of maggi noodles.. complete with tadka and all. The best recipe I have ever come across.

 - You admonished me at age 15 to eat the gaarilu on my plate because it used to be my favourite when I was five. Time never mattered to you anyway.

 - You never let us run around your precious lemon tree.

 - You and your incorrigble apso got along perfectly well.

 - You accepted my gift of all those telugu cassettes when you didn't know how to use the music player anyway.

 - You watched those ridiculous telugu serials with women either crying or just about to. And the way you animatedly discussed them with your daughters.

 - You listened and ranted back about my mom with me. Even though she is a complete replica of you. And that I am a complete replica of her.

 - You put dad on a pedestal. The one person you would trust completely after your son.

 - You constantly worried about the rents I was paying, whether it was Hyderabad, Pune or the United States.

 - You taught me how to make 'sambhar'. Unfortunately for you! :)

 - You let Teena dribble all over your house.

 - You got out of the rickshaw in which the aunts were taking you and jumped into a bus instead. All because you wanted to save 3 rupees.

 - You left stray old photos at every corner. It was such a treasure hunt to see them all.

 - You had breast cancer. And you took everything they said with a smile.

 - You were in the hospital. And you missed being back at your home..doing your own thing.

 - You thrust six 500 rupee notes in my hand before I left the country. It must have taken you three months to save that from your meager pension.

 - You said goodbye as I left and then I saw a tear on the face of the strongest woman I have ever come across. And how it broke my heart that I might not get to see you again.

       If there's one person I want to be there for, it's you, Ammama (grandma). Because you have been there throughout. And because you are the reason for my being.

Afterthought - Damn it. This post brings a tear to my eye every freaking time I read it.

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March 5, 2008
Show me the money, baby!

          Think about it.. Who in their right mind would make you have fun in class and then grade you for it? Games and grades always seemed to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, until this happened!

           For a ho-hum Marketing course, I was skeptical of it having a major impact on my career path. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Come to think of it, every course that I've attended since I came here has relentlessly egged me to push the tempo and treat each day 'like it were the last'.

          But wait a minute.. why does a game account for 40% of my grade? Is this a sarcastic joke or am I just wasting two grand on a course to play? Eeps.. Either they're losing it or I am.

Three weeks in, and guess what.. I'm having the time of my life!! I never realised that the success of our decisions made during this marketing exercise would rake in SO MUCH moolah. Or that we thrashed all the other competitors to bring in more profits than all of them combined. Ha! The source of all my sadistic highs has been found at last! ;)

          Money gives you a high. Success gives you happiness. But power gives you hunger -  a drive to go for more. And this game has got it down pat when it comes to understanding what it takes to get all three. No wonder the Professor* has such fun getting all our reports and running the simulations to see what the results are. He is God here, he knows everything, he is someone who is not present in the real business world. That is what makes it so dynamic, so exciting, and gives us goose-pimples as we wait for the next simulation result!

        Now I totally understand those business thriller novels I used to read in school! LOL!

* - This one's french.

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February 18, 2008

drum...drum.. drum..

still waiting..

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February 13, 2008
Yet another!!

        My third valentine post! Three documented years of valentine's day celebrations with other girls and their boyfriends! LOL!!

       So I've been watching my roommate really at it for this valentine's. While a part of me believes it's just a load of commercial crap, my hopelessly romantic side comes out with full force against such 'gross' accusations. Especially when I watch her laboriously cut out snippets of snaps of him.

       She's done out this beautiful collage of a greeting card, and my, does he look cute. She's spent hours wrapping his gift in just the right way, and I don't want to really break it to her that men are not that gung-ho about heart shaped chocolate boxes or mushy red-coloured wrapping paper with 'LOVE' written in every itsy-bitsy place (Correct me if I'm wrong, men).

       Well of course, she doesn't know the guy's story. He comes a day early, at 5 am in the morning to be precise, and wakes her up. He whispers in her ear,"I've come to take you to New York. I know you've been wanting to go there since a long time. Chalegi?"

       Man. Too bad I wasn't there to witness her reaction. It would surely have been one of those priceless expressions of confusion and shock, a sense of surrealism setting in.

       Which makes me think.. does this day really merit the flak it gets? Well, if it makes you get up and do something creative, to see that expression on someone's face, it's SO definitely worth it!! HELL, YEAH!


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